Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Changes......part 1

I am getting married!!! Can you believe it?? I get to spend the rest of my life with this AMAZING, kind and selfless guy!!!

I will start at the beginning, we became facebook  friends last year on September 24,2011. He facebook friended me a long time ago, and I never accepted his friend request...... I thought he was married! One day I saw him at church by himself,hmmmmmm. I went home and added him to my friends on facebook. a couple of days later he posted he was in Kentucky, I inboxed him and asked him " What part of Kentucky, my mom lives there." We started emailing back and forth for the next 3 weeks, and we went on our first date on October 16th. When we became facebook friends I realized we have 52 friends in common. We have both lived in Lynchburg a very long time and had never met! God's timing is perfect! Soo we had our first date, we met at church and went to lunch with friends. During church, he was texting the entire time, I thought " wow, no thanks!"  I later found out, he was taking notes..... :) after church we went to lunch with some friends and I don't think Mike and I said more than  half a dozen words to each other, but I was not nervous or uncomfortable. Later that evening he texted me and spent about 3 hours texting back and forth. Our friendship had officially started!

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  1. Sandra,
    I am thrilled for you! You are a treasure and I 'm so glad that Mike found you. Love you.